Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

This year 4th of July was a great time. First of all we got a new addition to the family. I am an Aunt. I am so happy for Justin and Amanda and little Ollie. I am also so very thankful that Mommy and Baby are doing well. It was also my birthday on the 2nd. I didn't make a cake because, well since i started doing it for money I don't fell the need to make beautiful cakes for myself. T had a great day though. I ran errands and nobody complained (meaning Jeremy) and I got a new book I've been wanting. Thank you Mom.

The 3rd is when we did our Independence Day celebrations. We had a good morning where Jeremy and I got little thing done, like oil in the car and a new light bulb in the garage. Than the boy went to the movies. Did I mention my brother came to stay with us. Then we came home and had hot dogs and everything to go with it. Than we made our way down to the river. We found a nice place with lots of shallow water. JJ was terrified for about an hour than finally got in and played for the longest time. Kaylee loves the water and was the life of the party. Jaedon was better than I expected. He wasn't scared and even began swimming with some help. Ed and Jeremy sat against each other and played pass the kid with the current of the river. Both of the boys were well protected with water wings and floating tubes.

Than we came home and I made banana splits for everyone but JJ who got a sundae (he's allergic to bananas). I put the banana than four kinds of ice cream. Than i drizzled chocolate and Carmel. topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. They were good.

I hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July weekend and and remembered to thank a veteran for the freedom they protect.