Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing outside

66 degrees

Today was gorgeous. 66 degrees and just a hint of wind. There is still snow on the ground as you can see but not enough to detour basking in this wonderful warm weather. We went outside to play. The kids played and rode bikes. I love good weather! Yesterday I weeded, raked and mulched, so today I sat out, read a book and enjoyed the sun. I don't even mind the sun burn. JJ has been excited to be outside and ride in his truck. Jaedon is beginning to really get the hang of ridding his bike and turning around without falling, something we were unable to do last year. Kaylee is ridding a tricycle this year. She can only go in a strait line and then has to get off to turn around. I love it it take about five minutes but she always seems so happy after.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Camping with Daddy

I know these photos are a little old but I like them anyways. Jeremy took the boys camping in August. They had fun and were extremely tierd afterwards.

A Christmas Present for My Mom

Last November as the Christmas season started Jeremy was really missing his mother. After time and love he decided to grow his hair out in honor of her and his sister Laura. He started then and has been growing it for a year and a half. Today I measured it and it finally reached 10 inches (the length needed to donate to Locks for Love). We went and he got it cut. Ten inches off. I am so glad that he had the dedication to wait and donate. HE DID IT!!!