Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snap Crackle Pop!!

Today we had cereal for lunch. I know not a lunch food but we had eggs bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast so a light lunch was in order. While we were eating cereal Jaedon was looking at the Rice Krispy's box and asking me questions. He asked what all the names were, Snap Crackle and Pop, and then what they were. I told him they were the elves who make his cereal. He abruptly stopped eating and refused to take another bite. When I asked him what was wrong he explained to my that Santa needed every elf to help him get ready for Christmas. I told him not to worry, Santa will still be able to stop by our house and fill his stocking. He replied that he didn't need any toys but there were boys out there without toys for Christmas and Santa helps them. My children teach me so much. Love you Jaedon!!
Trying to convince him to eat Rice Krispies. He's not buying it!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have had a great Thanksgiving. We had Rick over for dinner and invited everyone else over for desert. Turkey as great. I forgot to season the top so the best meat was that next to the stuffing. I am sick of turkey after having it for four days strait and am working on my creative turkey ideas. Today was turkey chowder. Happy Thanksgiving I hope you had a great one too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Painting Pumpkins


I miss California but you just don't get this kind of view driving down the road. The color were more vibrant then what the camera shows but I thought I'd share them anyway.
PS No I did not take these picture while I was driving. My sister was driving I was taking the pictures.


No this is not a play place I found, this is our new pediatric dentist office. They are the one who did Jaedons surgery and they spare no expense or fun to make the kids comfortable. This is the lobby, they also have a fun learn to brush station and a TV in every exam area. They give gas to every child who needs it and have a great long train close to the ceiling that runs around.

Whats Going On

Things have been really hectic lately. Soccer season is finally over. We missed the last game because it snowed. We got a couple of inches. We live in an area that had power the whole time but many of our friends did not. So no soccer but can't wait for the spring season. After that things went very quickly and Jaedon has really taken up most of my time since then. Three weeks ago I was brushing Jaedons teeth and a piece of tooth fell of. I got him an emergency dentist appointment and they got him in the next day. The damage was worse than I thought. Two of his teeth had to be removed and two teeth capped. It has been really hard for me because I feel guilty I didn't see it sooner. We get them regular check ups and I help him brush once a week but sometimes it isn't enough. The surgery was pretty extensive. he was in surgery for 4 hours. Thankfully they were able to fix everything. It took five days before he was up and running and playing again and his teeth still hurt where they put the spacers in. (Spacers save the space for the new tooth to grow in.) JJ and Kaylee went to the dentist as well and thankfully they were both part of the no cavity club.
Jeremy and I are doing well. Jeremy has been doing really well at work. This weekend was the first weekend he was on call to deal with the weekend problems. It was not a easy thing, on Saturday morning he received 12 calls between 3:30 am and 8:30 am, but I know he was really flattered to be asked and had a great sense of accomplishment when the weekend was over. I have enjoyed canning this week. We havent really gone and done a lot of things this season but I have been able to can apple sauce, pumpkin, apple butter, pumpkin apple butter, and pumpkin pie mix all from scratch. Kaylee is still mad at me for cooking her pumpkin.
JJ is doing well in school. He is really excelling in everything but spelling. JJ is really good at reading and sounding out word but it unable to do the reverse. He can't dissect a word and write out the letters. Art PE and the library are his favorites. He received a homework award this week for doing his homework every day last month.
Jaedon is getting better about his anxiety. I can leave him for a couple of hour now and have high hope for the coming year. He is getting really good at making crafts and is learning how to sound out words. He is reading small books, they started teaching him in his library class. He told them I don't read enough bed time stories and they told him he could read his own. I love our library class.
Kaylee is doing great. Her new favorite saying is "Pink is better". Her favorite color is pink and is not afraid to tell you. The highlight of her day is getting to pick out her clothes. She loves to hang up clothes and take them down and is really good at matching shirts and pants and jackets. She seems to take after her Aunt Heidi and Grandma with everything has a place. She likes to have her toys cleaned up and has her own space for the things she likes.