Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playing at the Park 2

Playing at the Park

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Home Evening

Tonight we had one of the best Family Home Evenings we've had in a while. I borrowed the Movie Toy Story. I have never let them watch it before because they are very sensitive to violence and I was afraid Sid, the child next door, might scare them. But we watch the Disney channel and they have seen previews for Toy Story 3, so I thought it was about time. So all day today we have been talking about Toy Story and watching it. We coupled that with Toy Story bath toys and a Toy Story book during story time and they were giggling with excitement. So we told them they could stay up late and watch the movie after a bath and putting on Toy Story pajamas. They thought life was wonderful. They sat the whole time never fighting about space or blankets. Jaedon gave Jeremy a truly heart felt thank you and even Kaylee laid on the floor with her own blanket. Afterword we had a nice conversation and chocolate and strawberry milk and then they all went to bed without any hassle. I enjoyed it so much I was thinking about what would be an appropriate length of time before we could do it again for FHE when Jeremy surprised me and told me how much he enjoyed it to and what great kids we have. I am so glad the Prophet councils us to have FHE and even more glad that my family can enjoy it.

Mommy's New Bed

Last night my youngest son got in bed with us. Jeremy and I were not to happy about this so this morning at breakfast Jeremy had a talk with Jaedon. He told Jaedon it was Mommy and Daddy's bed and asked him where Mommy was supposed to sleep. Jaedon without a second thought said "Mommy can sleep on the floor," so now I guess I have a new bed.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stair Surfing

I know I shouldn't but I let the kids, JJ and Kaylee, stair surf with an old matress. The pictures didn't come out very good but they had such a good time.


The kitten on top is shadow and Midnight is on the bottom.

Midnight and Shadow

We just adopted two beautiful black kittens. They are absolutely adorable. They were abandoned at a local church and a nice family has been taking care of them. The only problem is they have two dogs who wanted to eat the kittens. So a couple of emails and phone calls down the road we adopted them. The kids are so excited. Jaedon can do nothing but follow them around. JJ has told anyone who will listen about them, includeing some who didn't want to in wal~mart, and Kaylee can now say kitty and keeps wondering around trying to find them. I will have some pictures of them once They get used to things but here are some pictures of the trip home.

If you can't tell Kaylee has wormed under her seat belt and is bent over patting the kittens head. Which one? I really couldn't tell you.

Later the kitten climbed in her lap and she held on with one hand and petted with the other. It's amazing what a natural talent she has for nurturing.

JJ when he liked the cat after a scared screaming fit.

Jaedon perfectly content

JJ's fit

I did move the cat.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I just wanted to share an idea I had about using leftovers. My family hates left overs. And to make things worse Jeremy is sick of hamburgers. I was very grateful when we were given some left over from youth conference but Jeremy didn't want to help. So I had an idea at the store and it turned out good. I cut the hamburgers in strips and used taco seasoning on them. I followed the directions and cooked it into a light sauce. I used the leftover tomatoes and onions and added some left over salad from the day before. The taco were great and the meat had a real smokey flavor that was like BONUS on my tongue. I hope if you or your family are tired of leftover hamburgers you try this idea.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am so glad that two of three teeth have broken through. After what seems like a long time, I know it was only a little of a week, I feel like I have my little angel back.

Kids Dancing

I realize that some people my find this tedious but I really have fun teaching my kids. We had music time where we sang along with some of their favorite songs than we danced. Well they danced and I held the camera but normally I would jump and dance with them.

Pictures of Myself

Mommy helped me with this picture but I Took lots of other pictures myself!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Precious

I love this picture so much I just had to share. Happy Birthday Moose!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mommy! Kaylee's Eating the Cake

"Mommy! Kaylee's eating the cake" are not the words I wanted to wake up to this morning. I have been selling cakes from home because it's just plain fun and I don't want to gain weight by eating my own cakes. I did two cakes for today. One German Chocolate ( which has become my best seller) and a pirate cake. It was not an easy task because Kaylee is once again teething. She has three teeth coming in. All I can say is I am thankful they are all coming in at once instead of one at a time, through a drawn out process. It has been hard though. Kaylee has hurt so much that She hasn't slept more than an hour solid for the past three days. This morning she slept for three but Jaedon got p only an hour after she went to sleep. So I started the cakes last night and only got as far as Jeremy's patience held. I left everything on my working station. The boys know not to touch it and Kaylee can't reach. I stayed up with Kaylee and slept on the couch so Jeremy could let me sleep in the morning. He made good on that promise and I went to sleep. The boys came running up the stairs two very short hours later. I was confused at first and asked ho in the world Kaylee could reach it when I got my answer. She climbed on a chair with a spoon. Too smart for her own good.

And happy about it. Her smug look made me laugh and erased any anger I felt when first waking up.

Ibaked another layer to the cake. Very neatly cut out all of Kaylee's section (don't want to share germs) and layered and recovered it. I think it still came out okay. You can't tell unless you notice the difference in color. It's slight but I can tell.

I boxed the cakes as soon as I was done.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ridding Bikes

Having fun ridding bikes.

Fun at the Park

I know you probably get tied of seeing pictures of the park but I love to show you what were up to and this is my life. We went to the Berryville park last night. We had so much fun the kids could nearly tear themselves away when it was time to leave. Threats of time out and no treats was all that could pry them away. The park has an enormous jungle/slide area, a sand box, different types of swings, and lots of other cool stuff.

Ashlee was there too.

My son the model