Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today we went to a birthday party at the roller rink. We all had fun. Everyone but Kaylee got on skates. Jeremy didn't let me take a picture before he took them off but I think it was a little scary for him. Sorry the pictures are so dark. If you get the chance try it again. I had so much fun Jeremy promised to take me there on a date sometime soon just to have fun.

Look Mom I can do it all by myself

Nobody takes my skates

Kaylee had too much

Daddy didn't mind holding her

Friday, February 26, 2010

Life is a Highway

Teddy Bear

My Bubba gave me one of his new teddy bears from Christmas. I think it is the greatest thing in the world.

BB Game

Last Knight we went to Uncle Edwards basketball game and hda a blast. They won by the way!!!

Do I get a trophy?
Don't be shy.

Great Job Uncle Edward!!

Edwards Basket Ball Team Wins

MARTINSBURG - The North Blue Devils met the South Trojans Thursday night with the Mountaineer Athletic Conference seventh-grade championship on the line, and the added pressure of trying to end South's perfect season
After a close first half, the Blue Devils pulled away and won 57-47, using their speed and quickness to overcome the size advantage of the Trojans.
The battle for the conference championship and for bragging rights around town started off evenly, but after leading by six after halftime, the Blue Devils outscored their opponent 19-11 in the third quarter and that proved to be the difference in the final game of the season.
"We've had a team effort all year long," North coach Brian Potts said. "It has never been a one-man show, and everyone contributed to the win tonight."
North finished its season with one defeat.
The game started off evenly, as the speed of the Blue Devils led to six fastbreak points while the size of the Trojans allowed them to outrebound their opponent and score on several second-chance opportunities.
Neither team was able to establish a lead early on, ending the first quarter tied 16-16.
North was able to start the second quarter with a 7-0 run, forcing South to make bad passes and take contested shots as they built their lead.
The Blue Devils led 30-24 at the half, with the Trojans rallying late to close the lead to six at intermission.
The third quarter was all North, as the Blue Devils were able to outscore their opponent 19-11, as Daniel Delaware hit two 3-pointers and led his team on two runs, combining for a 13-0 scoring run.
North exploited their opponent's mistakes and slowly built a 16-point lead, using its speed to get open for shots and score fastbreak points.
The Trojans tried to rally in the the forth quarter, but South could only close the lead to 10 before the games final whistle.
Delaware and Justin Stotter led the Blue Devils with 13 points each, while Devon Branson led the Trojans with 15.
The Blue Devils capped their season with the Mountaineer Athletic Conference championship and ended the Trojans' perfect season, something that these seventh-graders won't soon forget.
Journal photo by Tony GroveMembers of the North Middle School seventh-grade team that won its Mountaineer Athletic Conference championship on Thursday include Edward Booth, Daniel Delaware, Joshua Page, Michael Henderson, Tyler Peters, Justin Stotler, Demonte Lindsay, Donte Moore, Michael St. Clair, Jacob Orlando and Aaron Lamp. Coaches are Brian Potts and Tyler Boswell.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JJ and Kaylee Play

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is Good

It seems like all I have been posting lately is things gone wrong, which I feel bad for because my life is great. I would like to tell you a little bit about it. First up JJ is doing wonderful. He blossoms everyday and some times surprises me with how adult his conversations are. He is also learning so many new things, i think that sometimes he teaches me so much more than I teach him. Jaedon went to preschool all by himself, meaning JJ didn't stay with him. It has been my goal since the beginning of the year. He learned how to spell his name without my help and is still the most sensitive child I have ever met. Kaylee is starting to walk. While we were snowed in she just decided she could do it. She is getting so big. Jeremy is doing well too. Most of his time is consumed by school and work. We do get three day weekends which is great I love having him home and the night schedule makes a big difference with school. Things are great for me as well. I am happy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

JJ Ear

Monday we had an injury in our home. Somehow JJ got a hold of a Q-tip. He stuck it in his ear and then laid down on it. When I got home there was blood everywhere. We took him to the hospital and had his ear looked at. He has a hole in his ear drum and cannot hear in his left ear. Thankfully none of the damage is permanent. He will heal over the next month. I took him to a specialist on Tuesday and again today. He feels the same way. He is monitoring the ear and bleeding. I take him back on Tuesday and hope the swelling will be down and the bleeding stopped. Thank you to those of you who have helped us and those who are thinking of him and praying for him.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Before The Internet

It used to bother me when people assumed we had the Internet in our home. Especially went we were cutting costs to save for a better down payment on our home. Now I know the truth. I am sorry if I looked at you weird or told you Internet was not a necessity. We got a computer virus. Thankfully none of our information was able to be transferred thanks to our computers defense system but in doing so it wiped our hard drive and we had to take it to the repair shop. I have been without my computer and Internet for a week and realize how much I use it for. (I don't even have a ward directory.) I love my computer and am glad to finally have it back. I am also happy that the computer repair shop took it on a holiday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Domino's Pizza

Just tried the new Domino's Pizza. It really is better!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Protraits

While I have been enjoying my time at home with my family I have been teaching the boys how to draw family portraits. It is very popular with them. I have at least 35 faces from Jaedon and JJ keeps putting his on the fridge. I have been paying attention to their individual needs. JJ draws very well but you cant tell because he rarely changes colors so I have been encouraging him to use different colors and I taught Jaedon how to draw smiley faces.

Here's the paper I used for teaching
This is JJ's using more than one color. Just a side note the purple stick is the dog he wants.

Here are some of Jaedons faces.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It has been snowing for days. The first storm dropped 34 inches on us. They have been working hard to plow the roads and get everyone out but it has been slow going. To make things worse for some people another storm has hit us. It is dumping snow like crazy. We are expecting up to 25 inches. To me it doesn't seem so bad but than I remember everything closes if there is two inches of snow because there is not enough equipment to keep things safe. Besides that I am loving the snow. I have been looking forward to spring and all that comes with it, but I am loving the snow. I love it because there isn't any prejudice in the snow. It doesn't snow more on my house than the neighbors because of looks or worthiness. The snow also creates a beautiful bright white blanket that seems to brighten the world. I also love that it cleanses the earth and gives us more water for drinking and growing. The most wonderful thing about the snow is this though. JJ has not had school all week and will not until next Tuesday. I miss having him home. Jeremy has been snowed in and work canceled for three days now and wont be going back to work until Monday and his school has been closed as well. I love being snowed in the house with my family. Things are much harder to keep clean but I love the family and thank Heavenly Father for allowing me this time with my family.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kaylee Crawling

Kaylee is just off to new hights every day.

Clean Cut

Jaedon's hair is finally growing out. So I took to the hair dresser and had her even it out. It looks better now. I still not quite satisfied but it looks so much better. JJ came with us too. He really likes sitting in the chair and having his hair washed. My original plan was to only have her wash his hair but I thought why not go for it all. Here are some before and after shots. Don't they look incredible!