Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Never fall asleep in the car with Jaedon : )

Pink Eye

Everyone in JJ's class got pink eye so we took him to the doctor. Turns out he did have pink eye.


Read a book about Bows in Storytime today. We then got to make bows for craft time. Jaedon wore his to church on Sunday.

Mommy Superpower

Jaedon : Can we have icecream tonight if we get all of our toys out of the living room?
Me: You can have icecream if you get the toys out of the living room and clean your bedroom. Jaedon: Why?
JJ: How did you know
Me: I have a Mommy superpower that tells me you have been hidding toys in your closet instead of putting them away. Jeremy: What is the name of this Mommy superpower? Me: Laundry, I do it all the time!