Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Day

Recently we went to Harper's Ferry as a family day. We really love it up there. This day was hot so we decided to walk by the river and skip rocks. Kaylee insisted on carrying the back pack with 19 bottles of water and a snack in it. She fell down a lot. It was really cute because she wouldn't let any one help and when we headed for home she said "I did it". Daddy taught the boys how to skip rock and even Kaylee tried. JJ is really fascinated by the turtles and the wildlife roaming around. Jaedon is too smart for his own good. He kept giving us narratives on everything we passed. You know you've gone there a lot when your four year old can tell you about the cotton mills and which foundation belonged to who. Jeremy and I enjoyed it so much we've decided to go back without the kids and have a picnic for a date this week. I love Harper's Ferry.