Sunday, March 27, 2011


Some times I am awed and reminded what wonderful children I have. Tonight the whole family was up in our room reading and playing horsey and having fun. At the tail end of this Jeremy and I began to squabble about who was fixing dinner. (Jeremy should because he volunteered to, even if he meant lunch.) I noticed JJ leave the room and wanted to call him back to join the family but waited because I didn't want to loose the squabble. A few minutes later JJ came in with a plate of hot dogs and hunks of cheese. I looked at him and asked if he made dinner and he said yes so Daddy didn't have too. (I was winning) And I won all around because I have the greatest children in the world!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Date Night

Date Night is something Jeremy and I look forward to. Many times date night seems to end in getting errands done that are easier without the children. Tonight was no different except our errands took us into the mall. While there we sat side by side and got a relaxing message. It was almost as great as getting a pedicure. Thank you Honey!!

Kaylees 2nd birthday with Grandma

The first birthday party for Kaylee with Grandma and Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Edward. Fun! Best of all my balloon was her favorite thing. We had to take it away to get her to open her other presents and then she went back to it anyway!!

Congrats Ashlee

Congratulations to Ashlee who passed her writen drivers exam and can now learn to drive!!!

Happy Birthday Ed!

Happy Birthday to Ed who turned 14 this month!!

Training Wheels

Time to be done with training wheels. Last week JJ rode his brothers bike and broke one of his training wheels. I wasn't mad about the wheel, things happen, but I didn't want to buy new ones when I feel like JJ is so close to not needing his. I also wanted JJ to help fix what he had broken. So we took the training wheels off JJs bike and with so careful engineering we replaced Jaedons training wheels. I expected to teach JJ how to ride with out his training wheels and get to share in the experience. I was wrong. As soon as we got Jaedons wheels fixed JJ picked up his bike and was gone. No trouble at all. He can't do all of his dare devil moves like he used to but I believe its just a matter of time. I wanted to show him how proud of him I was and how great it is to accomplish this step in his learning so I made him a special breakfast. It was great. All his favorite breakfast foods and special pancakes to boot. I used a turkey baster and two spachulas and got bicycle pancakes. I made about 100 of them and we feasted. So much fun!! I love you JJ and GREAT JOB!!!

Playing at the Park

I know you are probably tired of park pictures but I love the park and it was 81 degrees outside with no humidity! I love it!! Kaylee is getting so big. Jaedon is reaching to new heights everyday and JJ is so smart it hurts. I love them so much!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When your child learns to read.

Today While I was cleaning up the kitchen I asked JJ to read a book to his brother and sister. Kaylee was into it for about 2 minutes then came to help me in the kitchen but Jaedon listened patiently to the whole book. I should have read the book first. The book is named 101 Facts About Frogs If you have seen Jurassic Park you may realize where I am going with this story.About two hour later Jaedon came into the bathroom while I was going potty. He looked and me and asked “Mommy are you growing a winky?” Fact 76: Frog can change sex from female to male when in an all female environment. He understands and is applying it to everyday life.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pictures of the Family

It been a while since we had pictures of the family taken. So we bunkered down and got them taken. I absolutely love the way they turned out.

Pictures 3

Pictures 2


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Hate Green Things

Many of you may have already heard this story about "green things" but I recommended it to a Friend today and made me think that maybe someone else would like the story or be able to use it in their home.
I love vegetables. There isn't many I wont eat. I try to serve them on the side every night ( JJ wont eat food if it touches each other) and have been getting some not so favorable reactions from JJ. I started trying anything and everything I could to get him to eat his vegetables. Threatening him (if you don't eat your vegetables your going to bed), rewarding him (you can have a treat if you eat your vegetables), sitting at the table until he eats his vegetables (or its time for bed), and many other things.
I started to have the phrase "I don't like green things" which JJ would say nearly every time I set the table. I Served carrots and radishes and other non green vegetables. quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself. The veggie situation just got to be worse and worse and I started to hate veggies as much as he did.
Than I got an epiphany. Every time JJ said I hate green things and refused to eat his vegetables I served a green desert. We had all the fun. I asked him every night if he was sure and he kept saying yes. Then came the pistachio pudding. Green vanilla cake, mint chip ice cream. green milk shakes, and green sugar cookies. Every time JJ said I hate green things I served something green that he would like. I didn't let him have the green things. I served him something else. Sometimes it would be a different kind of desert or a different main dish. Green eggs and ham was the hardest because he cried. but he caught on eventually.
He started eating his vegetables. I tried really hard not to make it a reward for eating veggies because I didn't want him to eat the veggies for a treat. It seems to have worked. He'll eat his vegetables most of the time and the atmosphere is much better at the dinner table.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kaylee loves her Kitty

I love my Kitty! She would kill me if she knew I called him a kitty. He is not a kitty or midnight he is the cat as she says. So cute. She love him so much and Is so gentle. Especially because is not patient at all. He just leaves and hides in places she can't reach at the first sign of trouble.

Dear Cheesecake

Dear Cheesecake,
It's Friday again! Just the same, I was serious when I told you it was over between us. I don't want to see you anymore. Do not call me. I will not be returning your calls. It's over between us. I am seeing someone new. Her name is Gym, Gold's Gym. I like her more. She makes me feel good about myself. She never leaves me feeling guilty, except when I don't visit because I hooked up with you the night before. You should start seeing people who are more compatible with your qualities. I think its for the best. It was nice for a while. Goodbye. Have a nice shelf life ( just not in my refrigerator).
One of the reasons I love him. He wrote this about 15 minutes after he ate the last of the cheesecake. About a fourth of the pie! LOL I love you Babe!


JJ spells SPAGHETTI. Not perfect but trying really hard.