Monday, June 28, 2010


We went to Arby's after picking up jeremy's new contacts and glasses (pictures comming soon) and westopped at Arbys for milkshakes and french fries. I asked for Arby's Sauce and got strawberry jam.


We took the kids to Berryville Pool. I was not impressed with the pool itself (the bottom of the pool was not surfaced well and scrapped up our knees) but we had so much fun. Kaylee is truely a water baby. I enjoyed following them around and keeping Kaylee above water. She didn't seem to catch on that she can only sit in the shallow parts. Jaedon actually went into the larger pool and did some swimming with Mommy and Daddy. JJ was the life of the kiddie pool.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dollar Deals

I found these for $1 each. Cute!


We have been learning about plants and flowers that grow. This is JJs interpretation

Jaedon takes a nap

Jaedon and Kaylee took a nap at the same time. Kaylee woke up first. She was lonely without her brother.

First I sat next to him
and watched TV

Than I gave him love
Lots of love

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Date Night

I wish I had taken pictures to show everyone. Jeremy and I had one of the funnest date nights we've had since we were dating. We went to a church activity without children (thank you Mom). It was a lot of fun. Jeremy started by swimming. I started the social round about saying hi to everyone. Than volleyball got started. I was enjoying three on three when Jeremy discovered what was going on. He got in on the game and it turned into boys against girls. FUN. we didn't keep score but I think the girls won. Then we went canoeing. Jeremy decided to challenge another childless coupe to a race. I got in the canoe and not even thirty seconds later I was in the water. Turns out that canoe was easily tipped. We did race though. we made it there and back we didn't win but that wasn't really the point. The other couple asked if we wanted to switch canoes and try again. I was game. So we started and made it through large waves other stuff. Jeremy discovered we had a chance at winning and through all his weight into paddling. Tipped the canoe in the middle of the river. I caught the boat and Jeremy got the oars and we were able to flip it over and get back in. We headed for the shore and the boat began to sink. By the time we got back to shore the boat was under water. It is really nostalgic for us because these are the things we fell in love doing. Wonderful night. Bad canoers great team, lot of love!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Now that we have gotten the used to the idea of home schooling I get to show you a little bit of what we learn. His curriculum consists of local history and a look at the globe. I decided to start with local history and what could be more local than Harpers Ferry. We talked about the cotton mills and how power used to come from the water. Then we went up to Harpers Ferry and looked at it first hand. We also looked at lots of other fun stuff.

After walking we went and enjoyed some frozen custard

Kaylee prefers water to frozen custard

John Browns Fort later refurbished and made into the fire house

The bridge over the Potomac River. They are resurfacing. It looks great!

Aunt Ashlee and Kaylee

Jaedon got a boo boo at the beginning of the expedition and kept his arm that way most of the day.

Kaylee looking at the canoes going downstream. Who says shes to young to enjoy.

We read every sign and if I tried to skip one JJ was all over me.

A family of ducks. There were four adults and approximately twenty young ducks. They were just getting their feathers and looked more like furry creatures. They also ate bugs lots of them. We stopped and watched and they came so close we had to move because they were scaring JJ.

Can you see the turtle on the log?

Here is one of the cotton mill rooms. You can still see where the water would run through and help them.

More ducks and don't forget my boo boo.

Sunday One On One

This Sunday has been very fun. Jaedon went to spend some time with Grandma. He has been playing hard and having fun. JJ and Daddy put some puzzles together puzzles. Two large Cars puzzles. One of Tow Mater and one of Lightening McQueen. Kaylee and I painted our nails. I have been waiting what seems like forever to do this. And the great thing was she liked it. She sat still while I painted and than ran around demanding everyone look at her nails.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Home School

I know I have talked to a number of people about homeschooling. I finally made a tentative decision. I have registered JJ in two Kindergarten programs. One is a partial day and the other is a full day of school. I registered him as a backup in case I find homeschooling to difficult or am not able to teach him properly. I have started homeschooling him now. I have the kindergarten curriculum and I am teaching him now. I like it so far. He gets to spend time with Daddy in the mornings and I teach him in the afternoon. I like it. I love it when I can see him finally get something and I like being able to move quickly with some things and take a lot more time with others.

Kaylee's First Bike

We have been enjoying the very hot weather. We go outside around 8 am and it's not too hot.

And of course Kaylees first Bike. It has a feature where so can push it but she has graduated to riding.

I think she likes it.

Feeling Better

For the last week and a half we have been stuck inside. Nothing fun. JJ has had a virus and Kaylee got her two front teeth. Thank goodness she teethed them together this time. It hasn't been all bad though. We got started reading and learning about Harper's Ferry. It has been really interesting and fun and even better when they recognise things we've learned about. I was also able to sign us up for the summer reading program. Very excited.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jeremy Lately

Jeremy has been doing very well lately. He is done with school for the summer. I couldn't be happier about that because it means I get to see more of him. He is still working out at the gym regularly. He has kind of plateaued on the weight loss but I can see him becoming more toned and I have also noticed he has more energy and is just more fit. He hates the warm weather but is enjoying all the outdoor activities of the summer. He is still growing his hair out and it is about 7 inches so far. Work is going really well and he still likes his job a lot.

Jaedon Lately

Jaedon has been doing very well lately. He has learned how to ride his "big boy bike" using the petals. He also learned how to spell his name. He finished his year of preschool and had a little ceremony. I achieved my goal of having Jaedon do something on his own. Most of the tome he will only do things if his brother or sister come along. He also is becoming much less whinny, thank goodness!! I love him to death and just can't believe he is the same little boy I gave birth to.

Such a happy boy.

Jaedon can also dress himself. He takes after his Grandmother Rebecca Lynn and is OCD about most of the things he does. He is especially OCD about getting dressed. He is really good at it but cant always match clothes yet. (Nor can he tell the difference between shorts and his brothers boxers.)