Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree


Hello everyone, my name is Kaylee and I have buggers. Lots of them. Mommy wipes wnd wipes and wipes my nose but to her dismay she never can stop them. But let me tell you a secret, I'm getting teeth. Two of them. Thts what makes my nose run so much. Now if I can just convince mommy to stop wipping life would be good. Sometimes she wipes so much that my nose bleeds a little on the sides. I don't like this and I yel when she comes near but I know it will be over soon. So please everyone don't look at my buggies.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so much fun. I know the house was a wreck for two day after but how could you think of that with these beautiful faces.

Jaedon got dressed all by himself
Playing and listing to music

I am Buzz Lightyear

No one takes better pictures than I do.

This was a dolly my favorite toy

Fun for the Holidays

We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves over this Christmas season. We were able to enjoy the company of Justin and Amanda, Heidi and Zach, and Grandma Alice and Mark and really enjoy the magic of Christmas with the Kids. Their faces lit up as they came down the stairs Christmas morning. JJ was extremely excited that Santa was able to come without cutting a hole in the roof. Mommy and Daddy may have told him this a thousand times but it wasn't real until he came. It's the first year that Santa was a part of Christmas for us and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Christ was the focus of Christmas with service and talking about his sacrifice. We are so grateful and so blessed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas

Yeah, we got snow. Since I have moved here I have never seen more then three inches of snow. So I have really wanted a white Christmas for some time now. So yesterday it snowed 26 inches. Hip Hip Hooray! We had so much fun playing then I realized I should take some pictures. So some of the snow has melted but you still get the point.

JJ's School Christmas Party

I really enjoy helpinh out at JJ's school. His teacher Mis April asked me to do a craft with the children and it turned out great. I should have taken pictures of the plates I made to show everyone but that didn'twork out. The general concept of the craft was to make a plate for Santa. I took clear plates and cut out shapes like Ornaments, presents, flowers or a tree. We glued them on the bottom and you could flip it over and see the design. It went very well and the children had so much fun.

JJ made a present

Then they iced christmas cookies. By the way The sweet little girl is JJ's love interest Alyssa. We hear about her so much I could swear she lives here too.

Jaedons Preschool Christmas Party

Jaedon's preschool had a great party on Thursday. I ahd so much fun. I contributed to the party by making sugar cookie dough.

Sister Brown copied pictures of the Nativity Scene JJ used two different colors.

Then we rolled out cookie dough.

We decorated christmas trees

My boys of course wanted to play in the other room

Decorating the Tree

We had somuch fun decorating the tree this year. Unfortunately my children don't like to wear clothes so most of the pictures are not approprate for posting on the internet but here are a few of my faorites.

Here is the tree after the kids were done and before we moved things a little
JJ tops the tree

Having fun helping. and fighting because we made them put on pants

This is great

My modivation to crawl

Play Dough and Friends

From time to time, actually a lot lately, we have friends come over and play. The first thing they always want to do, no matter who it is, is play dough. It's home meade so it has no color bu that makes it stand out so much better when they make play dought hats!

JJ neededs no help cutting it off
His friend thomas tried to copy

And Jaedon made one too it's just hard to see

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday for a week

JJ just celebrated his fifth birthday. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was praying for him, giving birth and holding this tiny baby in my arms. Now he is five years old. When did this happen. Anyways we had parties for him. Three to be excact. The first was a party with his class. The second was a party he shared with Grandpa and the tird was one were he got to invite all of his friends.

Opening presents
The presents

You've had a birthday shout hurray

The cake for his friend party

Cake for party with Grandpa

Cupcakes for his class

I like blue

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Irony of Joy

I have been so grateful lately for Kaylee. Besides being the easiest baby in the world she has had no desire to crawl. She gets pretty much any thing she wants and when she doesn't there's always her brothers. So I know shes a little late for crawling but I have been grateful. Well tonight that all changed. We put up our Christmas tree tonight. It was great. Everyone had fun, especially JJ who put the angel on the tree, but Kaylee couldn't get what she waned. Se had lots of bears and decorations but she wanted the balls on the tree. First she whinnied. When that didn't work she pulled on the brother, and when that didn't work she started crawling. By golly she caught on really quick too. The irony! I am now grateful that Kaylee can crawl. She can get her own toys when she throws them and I sure she can help entertain her brothers by making them rebuild things time and time again.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Once again I learn far more from my children than could be taught anywhere else. Let me explain. Today JJ found a plastic bag in the trash can and pulled it out. I wanted to know what he would do with it so I watched to see. JJ began to put the bag over his head and I stopped him and told him not to do that . He asked me why and I told him that he could run out of air with a bag on his head. He asked if he would die and I told him yes. Then the teaching began. I told him I would be sad if he died and I wanted him to be around because I love him. He told me not to cry and then told me how it would be okay if he died because he would be with Jesus Christ. by this time I thought I was going to flood the bathroom. I told him how much I loved him and that he was right. Jesus Christ would be there and take care of him. Then I explained that he we wanted him to stay around for a while so he can continue to teach me. He thinks that's a good idea and doesn't want to live with Jesus yet.