Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kaylee's Make Over

Kaylee has been sick this week. She has had really high fevers, shaking and vomiting. Today while I was doing dishes JJ and Jaedon agreed to keep Kaylee company. This is what I came back to. JJ said they gave her a make over like they do on Prank Stars. "We wanted her to feel better and feel special" When asked if Kaylee wanted makeup on he said "sure she didn't run away," I asked what Kaylee was doing when he gave her the make over he said "well she was just laying on the couch" I asked was she sleeping? "Maybe"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Midnight Gets In

Midnight didn't want to be left out of the homework fun. This is where we keep Jaedon's books and Kaylee's crayons. Midnight has taken up with sleeping here until we work on things each day.

JJ Does Homework

JJ does homework. Jaedon takes pictures.

Class 2


This year Jaedon wasn't comfortable with leaving my side for preschool. So in light of this I signed Jaedon and Kaylee up for a class at the library for book reading, dancing and crafts. This week we made aligators and panda bear piggy banks.


Taking a picture of myself

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Kaylee enjoyed the soccer games too. She dressed herself this morning and cheered on her brothers the whole time. YAY!!!

Jaedon Soccer Video

Jaedon's Soccer Game

Kick off

They made a goal : (

My kick off
# 2

Good Game

Jaedon played his first game today. He did really well. They play three on three. Jaedon had so much fun. His team lost 5 -3 but they played hard.

JJ Soccer Video

JJ's First Soccer Game

Standing in the field

Before the game

Still standing

It clicked


Yay! JJ's team won 3 - 0 this morning. Had such fun. The first quarter he stood in the middle of the field. After the first quarter it clicked for him. He got aggressive and even scored one goal.

Indor Playground

Yesterday we went to the indoor play yard. It has been raining for 9 days strait and this was a nice change. And Check out Jaedon's new hair!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

So The School Year Begins

Sorry I don't blog more often. I am hoping to get better at it, but here's an update on whats going on in our lives. I feel like a chicken with her head cut off. I mostly play taxi and love it because I get to be involved in all of my children's activities. JJ started school on Tuesday. He is in a P1 class. It's in between 1st and 2nd grade and designed to help kids who struggle. In his case he can read and write but cannot bisect words and sentences well. He is having a great experience this year and has scored the highest on all of his tests so far. Jaedon started soccer this week. JJ will start next week. Jaedon had a lot of fun. He is the youngest player on his team and doesn't have the skills or con troll the other players have but he is also the fastest. He can outrun all the other players and two coaches. He also really good at getting the ball away from other players. I think he would make a good goalie but we will see as the season progresses how things go. Kaylee is all girl. She still likes everything girlie. Her big things lately are Tinker Bell and Princesses, her favorite being Tinker Bell. Jaedon is still at home this year. We are hoping he can start preschool in January. He is having major problems with anxiety attacks when ever he participates in activities away from Mommy or Daddy. We do go to story time every week at the local library and have play dates a lot. Jeremy is doing well. He has really found a love for being outside and getting involved with youth activities. This weekend he plans on helping with a 10 mile bike ride and continuing to help condition the young men for a 50 mile ride coming up.