Friday, January 22, 2010

Life seems so Hectic

Life seems so hectic sometimes. Jeremys new job has been great. He only works four days a week so we enjoy the three day weekends. It is going very well. He is good at what he does and has even begun helping people when they are struggling. Jeremy's classes are going well too. He goes five days a week but the class seem easy enough. The teachers he has this semester seem to be teaching his style and he's having fun. The rest of us are having fun. We haven't gone to school this week or accomplished a lot but I have enjoyed having them home. The only bad thing has been that the flu has rotated itself through. the kids. Kaylee started it gave it to Jaedon and then JJ. Everyone is better now though and were even considering going out this weekend. I have been busy too. I have discovered hat I can read while I am nursing, something the boys never let me do. I have really enjoyed it. I have read through all of Jane Austins works and the twilight saga, including the first part of book five. I am also 8 books into another series called night world and have a couple of other lined up after that. I also painted the boys bathroom. It is a nice vibrant blue. I like it. It works well with the penguin theme I have going in there. I will have to take pictures and post them soon. Hope everyone is well and I'll be back soon.