Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Life

The holidays are over and life is beginning to get back to normal. I miss the consistent company from family and friends but I am so glad to be back on a regular schedule. Last week JJ and Jaedon started back up on school. It was my turn to teach Jaedons school so the week seemed to go by more quickly and was more fun than normal. JJ absolutely adores being back in school. I have enjoyed taking him and volunteering again. Jeremy is back to school as well. He started classes on Monday. He has Bowling, Math and History. He is really excited about his classes and has confidence he will be able to complete them. I am really happy for him. He also started a new job. He is with the same company only doing more of what he wants. Jaedon is doing well. His hair has finally grown out enough for him to get a hair cut and even it all out. Kaylee is as always a bundle of joy. She is crawling and getting into everything. She is also standing on her own and taking steps while holding on to stuff. Life is great!