Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grandpa and Grammie cometo babysit

Well yesterday was a great day. Ifinally got a couple hours with my husband. It was great. We went out for lunch and than ran some errsnds. There was really nothing to special for us except that w got to enjoy each others company without interuptionsand it was so easy to run arround. The children had a blast too. I heard all night about ho muh fun Grammie and Grnadpa are. Grammie played nd sung songs and Grandpa helped build one of the boys toys from Chirstmas. I think Grandpa and Grammie had fun too. Thank you to both of them.

Jaedo got ready for Grammie and Grandpa by drinking Hot Cocoa.
Grammie holds Kaylee

Kaylee can show Grammie how to crawl.

Gradpa and JJ mak a masterpiece.

and look wasn't it fun