Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Once again I learn far more from my children than could be taught anywhere else. Let me explain. Today JJ found a plastic bag in the trash can and pulled it out. I wanted to know what he would do with it so I watched to see. JJ began to put the bag over his head and I stopped him and told him not to do that . He asked me why and I told him that he could run out of air with a bag on his head. He asked if he would die and I told him yes. Then the teaching began. I told him I would be sad if he died and I wanted him to be around because I love him. He told me not to cry and then told me how it would be okay if he died because he would be with Jesus Christ. by this time I thought I was going to flood the bathroom. I told him how much I loved him and that he was right. Jesus Christ would be there and take care of him. Then I explained that he we wanted him to stay around for a while so he can continue to teach me. He thinks that's a good idea and doesn't want to live with Jesus yet.