Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hair Cuts

Let me tell you a little story from my childhood. It was Christmas eve. I was three or four years old. My mother had a friend over and told her that I needed a hair cut. Later that night my mother was wrapping Christmas Presents and had to leave for some reason. She set the scissors down and left the room. That's when I decided to help my mom an cut my hair. I put the scissors next to my head right above my ear an bam bald spot. I remember trying to help my mom and her reactions after wards and I have seen all the pictures taken from the left side (I cut the right side). I guess that's why I had this coming. Traditionally we take Christmas card photos this weekend. Yesterday I took JJ and Jaedon over to a friend of mines house and she watched them for a few hours so I could go visit some friends without my kids. Well apparently Kaylee fell asleep and she took her upstairs to put her in the crib she has. When she came downstairs nothing seemed different so life went on. The boys were really good and had a lot of fun. I didn't notice anything either until I saw another friend of mine in the grocery store and she told me all about how her daughter recently cut her hair as well. Sometimes I'm a little naive and told her Jaedons hair was just curly. To my amazement, upon closer inspection I discovered she was right. JJ and his friend Sam gave Jaedon scissors so he could have a hair cut.