Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Irony of Joy

I have been so grateful lately for Kaylee. Besides being the easiest baby in the world she has had no desire to crawl. She gets pretty much any thing she wants and when she doesn't there's always her brothers. So I know shes a little late for crawling but I have been grateful. Well tonight that all changed. We put up our Christmas tree tonight. It was great. Everyone had fun, especially JJ who put the angel on the tree, but Kaylee couldn't get what she waned. Se had lots of bears and decorations but she wanted the balls on the tree. First she whinnied. When that didn't work she pulled on the brother, and when that didn't work she started crawling. By golly she caught on really quick too. The irony! I am now grateful that Kaylee can crawl. She can get her own toys when she throws them and I sure she can help entertain her brothers by making them rebuild things time and time again.