Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyone Wears Undewear

JJ had some inspiration today while I was volunteering at school. In JJ's class there is a bathroom that has two toilets. Boys are allowed to go in with boys and girls are allowed in with girls but not boys with girls. JJ was using the bathroom when a little girl couldn't hold it and ran into the bathroom with JJ. I am glad he is so innocent because he came running out of he bathroom and yells to me "Hey Mom Destiny wears underwear." He was so excited. I was embarrassed and thought it was cute so I calmly explained that everyone wears underwear. He proudly turned to Alyssa and asked her if she wore underwear which prompted her to tell the whole class that she had princess underwear and JJ to scream with excitement that everyone wears underwear just like him. I glad he is so innocent and that is what he took away from the experience and I hope it will keep his excitement for changing his underwear in the future.