Saturday, September 25, 2010

JJ in School

I wanted to do an update on my venting. I went to the school last Friday for a meeting with the principal. When I got there JJ's teacher was already there waiting for me. Overall it was a great meeting. I am very happy with the result I received. I was able to get a 504 program. The reason this is so important is that if his teacher doesn't comply with this than she will loose her teaching license. The plan is very simple. I says JJ does not have to complete his work in class. If he is behind or frustrated he will be allowed to take the work home and given two days to complete it. I will not be forced to sight read or memorise any words which seems to be the reason JJ struggled with reading. He is reading well above his class just not very fast. The last thing this plan includes is me having an outline of the next weeks lesson plan. I know all these things will take more time and preparation on her part and the schools part and am very grateful they were willing to put this into place. The principal also addressed my concerns about not being able to come into his class. He simply overruled the teacher. He set it up so I can come into class on Monday and Friday to tutor him and see how he is interacting. He also gently but firmly chastised her for punishing JJ for being frustrated. He told her she can only punish or take away rewards for breaking rules or disobeying her and she needs to teach what to do instead. So when he is frustrated or other children they can put there head down on their desk as long as they are not ignoring her and respond if she asks questions. She had concerns about JJ as well. She believed JJ had a stutter when reading because it was difficult for him. Not true but glad she was paying attention. She also noted JJ is unable to simply get directions and sit down and work on his work. This led to great discovery, the school only received half of JJ records. They were unaware of some "Learning Limitations" JJ had one of which you have to look in his eyes when giving him directions. Now she knows. I had been a week and things seem to be going so much better. JJ seems happier and his teacher said he is more involved and having fun doing his work. Thanks for letting me vent and more updates as time goes by.