Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lately (JJ)

I am sorry that I have not blogged lately. I have been very busy with end of the year activities for the boys and beginning of summer fun. JJ has done very well in school. Since mothers day I have been in his class at least two days a week. JJ's school had a Mothers Day Tea Party and it was a lot of fun. He stood in front of his whole class and proclaimed that tea is bad and we don't drink tea.

The next week there was a Daddy Donut Day. Jeremy went and had fun. Then there was JJ's graduation. I wish I could say it was a fun time but that all ended as soon as we got our food. I will admit the food was awful. One thing you have to know about JJ is his eating practices are horrible. He will not eat a thing that touche other food, so no casseroles. He also won't eat pasta. He is great about eating vegetable, fruits and meats. The most picky thing by far is that he will not eat anything unless it is really hot or really cold. So on with my story. We got there and had to wait in line. By the time we got our food the food was cold and they didn't have the chips he wanted. Than a very nice woman across the table kept trying to get him to try the food even though it was cold. JJ didn't like that and threw his food at the nice woman. I was shocked to say the least and furious. I got a trash can and threw his food away after apologizing profusly. This started another mess because Jaedon was upset I threw JJs food away. This was accompanied with screaming and fit throwing and me throwing away the rest of the food and leaving to go to the car. We didn't stay for the awards ceremony.

This week. JJ's class had an I read 100 books party. All the kids got Popsicles and wafer cookies. JJ thought it was the greatest and has asked me if we can have another party if he read 100 more books. three down and 97 to go.