Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It has been snowing for days. The first storm dropped 34 inches on us. They have been working hard to plow the roads and get everyone out but it has been slow going. To make things worse for some people another storm has hit us. It is dumping snow like crazy. We are expecting up to 25 inches. To me it doesn't seem so bad but than I remember everything closes if there is two inches of snow because there is not enough equipment to keep things safe. Besides that I am loving the snow. I have been looking forward to spring and all that comes with it, but I am loving the snow. I love it because there isn't any prejudice in the snow. It doesn't snow more on my house than the neighbors because of looks or worthiness. The snow also creates a beautiful bright white blanket that seems to brighten the world. I also love that it cleanses the earth and gives us more water for drinking and growing. The most wonderful thing about the snow is this though. JJ has not had school all week and will not until next Tuesday. I miss having him home. Jeremy has been snowed in and work canceled for three days now and wont be going back to work until Monday and his school has been closed as well. I love being snowed in the house with my family. Things are much harder to keep clean but I love the family and thank Heavenly Father for allowing me this time with my family.