Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Underware Monster

Life with children is so great. Last night I had a run in with the Underware Monster. On his way to bed last night JJ had an accident, his underware got wet while brushing his teeth. I sent him into his room to get a new pair on and thought nothing of it. Twenty minutes later while I was puttig Kaylee to sleep JJ came down the stairsand tells me he can't find ant underware. I sent him up again. I di laundry this morning and put four pair in there. After a fewminutes he comes back down stairs and I decided to go up and get them myself. I opened the drawer and low and behold theres no underware. I asked the boys where they went and jaedon told me the underware monster came to get them. I found a pair of shorts for JJ and did a load of laundry for Sunday moring. This morning I got up and and began to get the boys ready frchurch. I started with JJ then Kaylee. When it was Jaedons turn I took off his pajamas and there was truely a sight to be seen. Not one, not two, not three, but four pairs of underware. From now on its Jaedon the underware monster.