Thursday, October 15, 2009

Congratulatons Jesse and Tiffany

Recently my Mothers cousins son got married, I think that makes us second cousins. I am very happy for them they seem to be a perfect couple. We (Jeremy and I) were able to attend the wedding and reception. We were also lucky enough to have so many family members from all over. Here are some of the pictures. Unfortunately not all of my pictures came out but I hope you will enjoy them.

Don't they make a cute couple

They were so nice

There was a brunch the next morning. I went with my Mom and we took all the children. They have two dogs and Jaedon thoroughly enjoyed them.

Top row; Uncle Greg, Aunt Faith, my brother Ed my Mom
Bottom Row; JJ, Grandpa, my sister Ashlee, Kaylee, Me ad Jaedon

All the men. Steve Ed Grandpa Greg Dale Dustin. I think she got a better picture than I did.