Monday, December 20, 2010


Sorry to post so little lately. I am really busy with the holidays and all the fun of raising children. Normally I would write when they go to bed at night but we are also having computer problems and can no longer use the Internet at home. It seems to take a lot more to go out and blog else where.

Things are going well for us. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family in Michigan. We drove there with the whole family and my brother and sister. We truly enjoyed our time and love to see the family.

Our house has been a barrel of fun. We have not yet put up our Christmas Tree but we have been reading lots of books and telling stories and watching Christmas movies. The boys and I have also been donating our time to CAP a local Christian group who lets us put things together for children in need this season.

I love having a child who can read in the house. Previously JJ could tell a story he knew well by looking at the pictures now he can read Christmas book and scriptures to his brother and sister and I love it. So do they.

This year we are starting a new Christmas tradition. No cookies for Santa. This year things really seemed to click that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus' birthday. I am really happy to focus on this instead of Santa, who is fun but not the reason for the season. So one day when we were reading Luke 2 JJ had an Epiphany and asked to make a cake for Christmas. When I asked him why he said "It makes me feel special when you make a cake for my birthday and I want to make Jesus feel special." I cried. After I said yes and he than started to haggle me, "with details?" he says. So I promised him lots of details and lots of love with a new tradition of cakes for Christmas.