Friday, March 5, 2010

Dancing Cow

If you ever see a giant dancing cow. . . It has been my practice during extreme weather conditions, cold, hot, windy or snowing, to occasionally take the children to indoor play yards. We have three in town and I tend to buy a drink and watch as the kids run all of their energy out. Well today we saw a giant dancing cow as we drove past Chick - Fil - A. Jaedon was so excited I decided we could go in and have some lunch. And that's when it happened the giant dancing cow came inside. Jaedon was particularly delighted with the situation. The cow gave him a high five and played peek a boo. Kaylee kept staring not quite sure what to make of it. The cow however loved having someone to play with and Jaedon was more than happy to oblige. Our table soon became the table people were coming to to see the cow. He was dancing and teaching them the wave. All without talking. The cow was jumping up surprising Jaedon and popping up every time I could get him to take a bite. Well to make a long story long after two hour of playing with Jaedon the manager came over and told the cow that he was hungry and had to go home for lunch, a nice way of saying you haven't had a break in a while why don't you take one. Jaedon was so disappointed. He started crying and asking everyone if the cow was going to be okay. He has such a big heart. He was so upset the workers tried giving him stuff and telling him the cow was going to be okay. Twenty minutes later the cow was buckling Jaedon into his car seat with two pieces of cake, a brownie, a book, two coupons for free sandwiches, a T-shirt, hat and magnet no of which I paid for or could get them to take back. So if you ever see a giant dancing cow. . . run!