Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Blog

Hello to all my friends and family. I opened this Blog to let you all know what has been happening in our lives.
Jeremy is doing well. His surgery doesn't bother him much anymore and it only swells when he sits for to long or on a chair that is too hard.
JJ is doing great he just started head start. He goes to preschool Tuesday thurough Friday. He wakes up every morning and asks if he can go to school today. He has agreat teachr who is really strick but really loving. He knows most of what they learn in class from the thins that we do at home and they have an internet program where I can see and reinforce everything that he learns.
Jaedon is doing really well. I am taking him to a co-opperationalpreschool this year. This is really great because he gets to go to a friends house once a week and play or paint. It is mostly for social interaction but he works on cordination and simple skills. I also enjoy being able to teach once a month and reall get to know his friends and parents as well as what they like and dont like.
Kaylee is growing so fast. She looks just like her dad which I a reminded of everyday but friends and neighbors and anyone else who know Jeremy. She learned how to sit up in the past week and I'm sure it will be no time before she is off and running. She continues to be my angel. She sleep through the night. She is more patient than I deserve and she loves to play. She is always smiling and just looking at her melts your heart.
As for me I am doing okay. My life gets to revolve around my family and I love it. I take JJ to school everyday and volunteer once a week and I get to play with Jaedon and Kaylee all the time. Ive come to the ralization that I will never be a house keeper but I'm okay with that.